Facing An Unexpected Bill? Here’s How To Find The Funds You Need Online

Whether due to an auto accident, sudden medical expenses, or an illness that results in loss of work and pay, unexpected bills can be tough to settle without a little financial help of some kind. Getting a bank loan is one solution to the problem, but the application process can be time consuming and the payback terms complicated. For a quick fix that won't result in long-term financial binds, try one or more of these ideas:  

Hold a Few Auctions

Thanks to the myriad of online auctions programs available, you are not limited to neighborhood passersby when it comes to selling your unneeded stuff for profit. Some websites charge a one-time membership fee to sell stuff on their platforms, while others charge a small percentage of everything you successfully sell. The option you choose depends on the type of stuff you want to sell.

Membership fee sites may be more cost effective when selling expensive items, like jewelry. Economical items such as DVDs, artwork, and even homemade lip balms and handicrafts may produce more profits for you on sites that take a small percentage of each sale.

Connect through Social Media

Social media offers lots of opportunity to connect with others in your area and beyond who might be interested in buying the things you want to sell. There are no fees associated with using social media to sell your used stuff, so you get to keep all the proceeds to pay off that bill that's looming over you. If you don't have anything you want to get rid of consider selling rides to local residents in need of them, offering laundry services, or working as a dog walker or house sitter to raise the funds you need.

Apply for an Online Payday Loan

A quick and simple solution to meeting your financial needs is to apply for a payday loan online at a place like Money 4 You. You don't need anything more than proof of income and a bank account where your borrowed funds can be transferred to. The time it takes to receive the money you apply for can be anywhere from just a few minutes to a couple of days depending on your bank account policies – so plan accordingly.

The application process typically takes minutes, as does the approval process. The repayment terms are short so there you aren't facing months of debt, and you can choose repayment terms that will coincide with your paychecks for convenient budgeting.

Enter Various Sweepstakes

One method companies use to get noticed on the Internet is offer their products and services as prizes through sweepstakes to web surfers. If you're in need of funds for a specific purpose, like a tire replacement, do a quick search online to see if any active sweepstakes for free or reduced price tires in your area. You may find that a popular company is giving away just the thing you need, and it costs nothing but time to gain a chance at winning. You might even find a few sweepstakes featuring cash and debit card prizes to enter while you search.

Share Your Expertise

Whether you have a degree or you consider yourself a guru in a trade field, sharing your expertise online is an effective way to create a profit source to take advantage of. You can create video classes to share through online monetary platforms, charge for consultations through interactive video conferencing programs, or create a simple blog with an order form and payment link set up on it to gather your own personal customers.

With the help of these funding sources, you can even finance getaways and other luxuries without having to succumb to any long term repayment terms.