Want Your Loved One Released On Bond? 4 Things You Need To Ask When Securing A Bond Release

If your loved one is in jail awaiting trial, and you want to get them out of custody, you're going to need to arrange for bail. If you can't afford cash for bail, you'll need to speak to a bail bondsman about arranged for a bond release. Obtaining a bail bond can be a timely and confusing process, especially if you've never obtained one before. However, if you take your time, and learn about the process, you'll have your loved one out shortly. Here are four questions you should ask while you're looking for a bail bondsman.

1. How Much Will They Charge?

When it comes to obtaining a bail bond for your loved one, it's important to note that you won't be required to come up with all the bail in cash. The bail bond company will charge you a percentage of the total amount owed for bail; usually about 10%. They may also require you to cover the remaining 90% with collateral, which can be real or personal property. Once you've provided the required payment, the bail bond will be processed.

2. What Happens During the Bail Bond Process?

During the processing of the bail bond, the bail bondsman will collect all your information, as well as the information regarding your loved one. They'll want to know what the charges are against your loved one, whether they're a potential flight risk, and where you and your loved one live. Once they've collected all their information, they'll process the application and issue the bond.

3. How Does the Release Proceed?

After the bond has been issued, it will be presented to the holding facility for authentication. Once they have the bond, they will begin the release procedure. This process can be quite time-consuming, but there's nothing you can do to speed up the process. You'll remain in the waiting room of the facility until your loved one is released. This could be anywhere from a matter of minutes, to several hours. It's important to remain patient during the waiting period.

4. What Are You Responsible for After the Release?

Obtaining a bond release for your loved one will come with some responsibilities. By obtaining a bond release for your loved one, you agree to take responsibility for the appearance in court. You're also acknowledging that if your loved one doesn't appear in court, flees the area, or gets in trouble with the law while out on bail, you may lose the cash and collateral that you provided for the bond.

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