4 Tips For Safe Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is one of the biggest online trends. It's easy, convenient, and available any time of the day. However, there are security risks that you should be aware of when it comes to mobile banking. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your information is kept secure.

Be Careful Of The Apps You Use

The apps that you download on your phone should always be from trusted sources. This is because app builders can create an app that has a keyword logger. A keyword logger will record and log your keystrokes. This means that everything you type will no longer be private, including your banking information. Your information in the hands of a hacker means that your finances will be at risk.

Avoid Using A Browser

While it is still easy and convenient to access your bank via regular browsers, it is best to find out if your bank has an official app. If they do have an official app you should download it and use it whenever possible. Ideally, you should download the app via a link on your bank's website. However, if you do use it from somewhere else make sure that it is indeed a genuine app.

Be Wary of Public Networks

It might be convenient to check your balance and even do some other banking activities while you get coffee or snacks at your favorite local spot. However, if you are using their free WiFi over a public network then your information is usually not secure. It's best to disable the WiFi and connect instead to a cellular network to secure your privacy.

Don't Follow Links

One of the most popular ways to steal banking information is for criminals to send out email and text messages. These links will often take you to a fake website that looks at lot like your banking website. Once you start entering information such as your username and password, a cyber thief will be ready to take your information and access your account. Never follow banking links sent in emails or text messages. Always go to your bank's website directly. You can bookmark your bank's official site on your phone to make it easier to find.

Mobile banking services are convenient and helpful. They will continue to be so for you if you just take the necessary precautions to protect your personal financial information from criminals.