A Guide On Commercial Debt Collection Agencies

Bad debts are a threat to the survival of your business. Yet, a lender is likely to encounter a customer or a borrower who is unwilling to pay. Such individuals can be a cause of stress and a distraction to your trade. Attempting to recover a debt by yourself is time-engaging and costly. However, you can outsource this service to a commercial debt collection firm. These professional firms specialize in managing accounts receivables. This post focuses on the benefits of outsourcing commercial debt collection services. 

Who is a Commercial Debt Collector?

Commercial debt collectors act as intermediaries between a creditor and a borrower. In this case, the debt collector collects debts from delinquent customers and remits them to the original creditor. Often, the creditor will have exhausted other strategies of collecting overdue debts by themselves. In exchange for the service, the debt collector receives a percentage of the collected amount. 

A commercial debt collector may collect any of the following types of debts: 

  • Personal loans
  • Credit card loans
  • Student loans
  • Business loans
  • Medical loans
  • Overdue utility and cellphone bills

Benefits of Commercial Debt Collection Services


Ideally, commercial debt collection agencies operate under the guidance of the law. There are specific laws that govern the debt collection industry. Ordinarily, attempting to collect a debt by yourself may result in legal suits by the borrower. In comparison, debt collectors understand the state and federal rules and regulations of debt collection. As such, they know how far they can go when collecting debts. For instance, threats, intimidation, the use of force, or illegally auctioning the borrower's property could land you in trouble with the authorities. 


A commercial debt collection company has the skills, resources, and experience required to collect debts. Usually, the biggest hurdle in debt collection is finding the debtors since they often go into hiding. A commercial agency uses advanced tools and techniques to locate the debt. For instance, the debt collector may use online contact search, physical tracing, and institutional searches. These techniques increase the chances of a successful debt collection in a short time. 

Preventive Services 

Commercial debt collection companies can help you prevent bad debts. They use their professional and analytical skills to assess the credit history of potential clients. In this way, they can help you identify debtors that are likely to default on their payments. 

Ultimately, outsourcing commercial collection services is a wise decision. You increase your options of collecting overdue debts quickly, legally, and cheaply.